Respite Care Senior Living - July 1, 2022

Why Use Respite Care as a Trial Stay for Senior Living

Respite care is a beneficial service, but it can be used for more than just caregiver relief. While it is a great resource that can help prevent caregiver burnout, respite care can also be used to allow older adults to experience what life is like in a senior living community before moving in full-time.

Moving to a senior living community is a big decision, so getting to experience the care, services and amenities that one offers is a great way to see if it is the right fit for you. As an active senior living community in Wyoming, Michigan, Rivertown Ridge understands the value of finding a community that meets your needs and lifestyle preferences.

To help you on your senior living journey, we are sharing how respite care can be used as a trial stay for a potential senior living community.

Meet the Residents

No matter the reason, moving can cause feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. Fortunately, these anxious feelings usually subside once you get familiar with your new environment and form new connections and friendships. The same applies to a senior living community.

By using respite care as a trial stay for senior living, you have the opportunity to meet current residents, find common ground and start building friendships. This way, if you decide to move into the community, you already know and have built relationships with some of the residents, meaning you have one less thing to feel anxious about.

Furthermore, during your respite care stay, you can talk to residents to get a feel for their day-to-day life and uncover what life would be like for you, if you decide to move in. Even though you can learn a lot by researching online and reading reviews, hearing what the current residents have to say will give you a more accurate picture of the community experience.

Experience the Dining 

How we nourish and fuel our bodies is essential to our health and wellness, but taste and experience are equally important. Choosing a senior living community that offers an exceptional dining experience is a must, and using respite care as a trial stay can help you do that.

As a respite care guest, you are treated like a full-time resident, allowing you to sample a community’s full dining services. You’ll want to know what options are available, if the community can accommodate dietary restrictions or personal preferences, how often the menu options change, etc.

At Rivertown Ridge, one of the amenities that shape our active senior living community is resort-style dining. We are happy to offer residents destination dining by offering multiple dining venues under one roof. As a result, Rivertown Ridge residents, as well as guests and family members, can enjoy different dining experiences each day.

Dining venues at Rivertown Ridge include:

  • The Copper River Saloon – A pre-dinner gathering place with a spacious walkout patio and large windows facing a wooded area.
  • The Ridge – A formal, full-service dining room serving savory cuisine.
  • Contemporary Bistro – Featuring casual dining options, including grab-and-go items.

Receive Support & Care

One of the biggest considerations when choosing an active senior living community is the care you will receive. Any community can say that they offer quality, compassionate care, but by utilizing their respite care services first, you can see firsthand if this is true.

During your stay, you can determine if the community offers the right level of care for you and if the care is personalized to your needs. Be sure to take note of the quality of care you receive during your stay, as this is likely how you will be treated if you decide to transition into the community as a full-time resident.

A few questions to ask yourself during your stay could include::

  • Are the caregivers attentive?
  • What is the caregiver-to-resident ratio?
  • Do you feel like your unique needs are being met?

Respite care is a valuable service and benefits family caregivers and older adults alike. If you would like to learn more about our active senior living community in Wyoming, Michigan, and take advantage of our respite care services, contact a member of our team today!